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CH-816 For a conceal type air-coditioner

Be applicable to a conceal type air-conditioner.
Voltage:AC220V 50/60Hz
Turning power: 0.08/0.07A
Power: 10.3/ 8.6W
Controlling way:Temperature Sensor electric counting      
                             Reed switch
Suitable pipe:1/2"(i.d.14)
Displacement:1360cc/min / 1640cc/min
Characteristics of production:

1.The motor uses the bearings and long lasting life.

2.Do not be limited by draining water of the environment no matter is high or low.

3.Low noise, the device is equipped with a button to force water drainage, good drain result.

4.Excrescent sensor and buzzer control product breakdown condition.

5.Five types read second setting: make to drain time adjustment according to displacement.

6.Dual protection design: A. Incalescence rise protection.

B. The power protection: cut the system electricity.

7.Fixing the plank matches: various fixed slice matches an environment usage.

8. Have the temperature responds and reed switch two kinds of  control choices.

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 19 April, 2008.
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